Step-by-Step Guide For ESSER Grant Application

CARES Act ESSER Funding aims to help K-12 schools "rethink the way students access education." If you haven't done so...

Take Action. Have the Conversation.

Racism isn't an easy topic to discuss with children, but it's a necessary one. If there is one thing we have all real...

Teacher Appreciation Week: Freebies for Teachers

We honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating the future leaders of tomorrow, our childre...

Complimentary Online Professional Development and At-Home Curriculum in STEM

Complimentary online webinars offer a friendly environment to learn and explore news ways of using technology to tea...

Press Release: NextWaveSTEM Pledges to Bring STEM to 1,000 K-12 Classrooms In 2020

NextWaveSTEM is committed to bringing STEM to 1,000 K-12 classrooms in the next year. The company works to secure gra...
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