Bring Remote
STEM Learning to Life

Our latest 6-week remote learning course:

3D Modeling for Personal Protective Equipment

Imagine the sense of pride your students will feel after creating equipment for real-world applications—helping protect people from COVID-19.

Encourage Students
with Live Instruction

Our certified instructors provide high-quality, engaging lessons in STEM. Students are able to interact with instructors and ask questions to ensure concepts are understood. Please note: only instructors are visible via video.

Prepare Your
Students for Success

Our flexible STEM Programs support Common Core State Standard for Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards, and  foster 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communications.

Explore STEM Programs That Fit Your Needs

Ensure the continuation of education with a hybrid of remote learning that complements your in-person learning in the fall.


Remote Learning

In-person Learning

Live virtual lessons taught by our certified instructors.

Lessons taught by our instructors or your’s.


Online simulations show real-world applications.

Reusable hands-on equipment designed for classroom use.


Authentic online and phone support from our educators and curricula developers

Authentic in-person, online and phone support from our educators and curricula developers


Yes, I would like to learn
how to teach STEM remotely. 

Please reach out to me.

“Research shows that early exposure to STEM has a positive impact across the entire spectrum of learning.” 

- National Research Council

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