Hands on- Coding with Drones (Includes a Drone!)

Product image 1Hands on- Coding with Drones (Includes a Drone!)
Product image 2Hands on- Coding with Drones (Includes a Drone!)

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Week-long Camp Experience

This course will engage students as they learn more about the possibilities of using computer science to control flying robots, aka drones! Even at a distance, it’s possible to plan and execute drone flights in and around your home for good.  This course is for students who have little to no experience in computer science (writing code) nor in drone flight and operation. If you’re a beginner this is perfect for you!

Together we will explore the concepts:

  • How can we understand how far we can fly a drone?
  • How can we fly the drone safely?
  • Can we create a flight plan to execute a delivery of an item?

Using TelloEDU and your available smartphone or tablet, students will get active practice in learning the skills that will enable real drones to complete the delivery of an object at a distance.

Students will learn about drone ethics while exploring ethical ways to use drones, while they build a process and prepare to use a machine to help others autonomously.

Class Details

  • Duration: one hour daily
  • Class size: 3-9 Kids
  • Ages 8-15


    • iOS and Android compatible device and a drone (comes with this course!)
    • Parent help with set up and log in, especially on first day for younger students
    • Watch a five-minute video to orient you and your young students to Google meet and learning online
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