Introduction to Robotics and Coding with Drones: Decatur Classical

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Wednesdays at Decatur Classical

Time: 2:45pm - 3:45pm Weekly

Start Date: February 6th

End Date: June 5th 

Cost: $295

Grades: 3-8

Course Description


Students will enter the exciting world of Robotics in this introductory course where we introduce young minds to the adventures of basic coding with Scratch as well as exploring problem-solving strategies. Teams will work together building their robots and learning block-based programming.  

Coding and Drones:

Next, students will discover the world of unmanned aircraft when they build a modular, transformable, programmable drone!  Students will gain an understanding of the concepts, the hardware and they will code their own aerial moves with the app. They will dive into topics such as drone safety, as well as industries that use drones now and others that will in the future.

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