Teacher Training: Using 3D Printers to Create Engaging STEM Learning Experience for Students - September 17

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Date: September 17, 2019

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: Chicago, IL

ISBE Professional Development Clock Hours*: 6

Instructor: Desmond Martin

About this Training

Participants will build a foundational knowledge of how 3D printers can help students to deepen their understanding of STEM and the world around them. The workshop includes an orientation to 3D printers and the corresponding software; training on pedagogical strategies for using 3D printers in the classroom to build 21st century skills; suggestions for making 3D printers relevant across a variety of curricular areas; and a supported, collaborative planning session in which teachers work together to develop practical plans to implement learning with 3D printers in their schools.

Scope of Learning:

  • Hands-on orientation to the function of 3D printers and how they can be used in the classroom to support STEM learning
  • Instructional strategies for using 3D printing to help students build 21st century skills and meet the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Practical approaches to integrating 3D printing into your curriculum using gamification

Questions? Email: hello@nextwavestem.com 


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