Hands-on 3D Printing and Design (Includes a 3D Printer!)

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Class Experience

This course will introduce students to the opportunity to make a real-world impact through the design of objects that can make a difference in the world right now. By learning the basics of 3D design in a free, cloud-based tool, students will be able to contribute objects to help mitigate the spread of germs and viruses. This course is designed for students with little to no experience with either computer-aided design or 3D printing. Together we will explore the questions:

  • Can we imagine an object that will help keep others from getting sick?
  • Can we create a detailed plan to produce an object and consider production at a larger scale?
  • Can we define a design process?
  • Can we use TinkerCAD to design and orient an object to be successfully 3D printed?
  • Can we test the object for its effectiveness?

Using TinkerCAD, students will learn the basic design tools that will allow them to digitally build an object that serves as pieces of personal protective equipment.

Students will learn more about the various applications of Computer-Aided Design and 3D printing and will have the opportunity to take their learning further by actually producing a physical example of their PPE design.

Class Details

  • Duration: one hour daily
  • Small class size: 3-9 Kids
  • Ages 8-15


    • Laptop or computer (Chromebooks work!)
    • Parent help with set up and log in, especially on first day for younger students
    • Watch a five-minute video to orient you and your young students to Google meet and learning online


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