Hands-on Introduction to Coding and Robotics (Includes a Robot!)

Product image 1Hands-on Introduction to Coding and Robotics (Includes a Robot!)
Product image 2Hands-on Introduction to Coding and Robotics (Includes a Robot!)

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Week-long Camp Experience

In this course, you and your students will go on an exploration of robotics. Through a series of activities that support inquiry and hands-on learning, students will develop an understanding of how robots function and the purposes for which they are used. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to code in the mBlockly application and program their own mBot robots.

Together we will explore:

  • How we can use robots with simple block-based coding
  • How we can build a robot with open-source parts
  • What are some ways that robotics can be used to serve people at a distance?

Using the mBot students will combine ideas to not only create a machine that they will control through code, they will learn how to troubleshoot the interaction between the instructions that we give machines and the physical machine doing the work.

Class Details

  • Duration: one hour daily
  • Class size: 3-9 Kids
  • Ages 8-15


    • Handheld devices, Chromebooks, or iPads and a robot (included with this course!)
    • Parent help with set up and log in, especially on first day for younger students
    • Watch a five-minute video to orient you and your young students to Google meet and learning online

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