3D Printing in the Classroom

A 3D printer is an indispensable technology for the modern classroom. The ability to bring any idea to life in the form of a physical object creates enormous educational possibilities. 

 Using a 3D printer for instruction isn’t just about printing out objects to use as manipulatives—learning opportunities arise at every step of the printing process. When designing objects in fun, lightweight software such as TinkerCAD, students think about three dimensional spaces in an entirely new way. 

 3D printers create a seemingly limitless variety of printable objects that bring vibrancy and clarity to lessons on any subject. From printing out a model of the solar system to recreating historical artifacts, these objects produce engagement and fidelity through visual learning. 

 An educational gift that keeps on giving, a 3D printer is also a lesson in and of itself. Teaching students how a 3D printer is able to construct an entire object seemingly out of thin air is a fantastic way to spark a student’s interest in STEM. 

 As emerging technologies become more commonplace in everyday life, the need to introduce them to students becomes ever greater. A 3D printer is an invaluable classroom tool, its learning opportunities are limited only by imagination.

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