CARES Act Funding

CARES ACT Eligible Programs

STEM solutions for remote and hybrid learning

CARES ACT Eligible Programs

Remote/Distance Learning

Curriculum bundle includes both in-class and remote learning.

After School & Summer Programs

Certified instructors and/or mentors for virtual or in-person classes.

Professional Development

Learn best practices for STEM and remote instruction—no experience necessary.

Technology Purchasing

Emerging technology sparks curiosity and builds life-long learners with a hands-on approach.

The importance of STEM, especially during COVID-19

As CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Janice Jackson pointed out to recent graduates, “You are coming of age at a time when your aptitude for STEM could make a real difference in the world—do not let this moment pass you by.”

Samples of our K-12 Courses

NextWave STEM Emerging Technology courses build upon each other. From each grade band a progression of knowledge occurs, giving students the opportunity to learn more complex material, building their scientific literacy and leads to an overall understanding of emerging technologies and their real-world application to solve global problems by the end of high school.

Grades K-2

Introduction to Robotics:

What is a robot?

Introduction to Drones:
What are things that can fly?

Grades 3-8

Understanding 3D Printing:
Bringing your ideas to life

Understanding Drones:
Coding flight for real-world applications

Understanding Robotics:

How robots work and what they are used for

Grades 9-12

Applying 3D Printing for a Purpose: the Engineering Design Process

Coding Drones for a Purpose: Analyze and apply how drones work and can solve real-world problems

Coding Robotics for a Purpose:

How robots work and real-world applications

Computers and Artificial Intelligence: Training machines with learning algorithms

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